Straightening our teeth has become much more of a reality for so many of us. It is far more accessible now. No matter how small the imperfection is, adult orthodontics can help you. The types of braces available are more attractive too, no more metal train tracks (hurrah!), we offer InvisalignSix Month Smiles and Inman Aligner braces that are far less visible, and work on a much shorter time frame.

Although more affordable, straightening your teeth is still an investment and something that you need to make sure you’re looking after. Whichever brace you went for; there are some golden rules that we advise all our patients to follow during treatment and after:

1.       Cleaning & flossing

This is important whilst you are wearing your braces, but it is also something that must continue once your treatment has finished. If you previously had larger gaps between your teeth these were probably easier to clean and food was less likely to get trapped between your teeth. However, once straightened and the gaps closed – regular brushing and flossing between teeth is a habit you must get in to.

2.       Extra hygiene appointments

More frequent visits to the Hygienist at Blyton Dental can help you keep your newly straightened teeth in tip-top shape. No point in having lovely straight teeth that are not polished to perfection or that are overpowered by bad breathe is there?

3.       Wear your retainer

We can’t say this enough! To keep your teeth in their new position you will need to wear a retainer at night or have a permanent retainer fitted behind your teeth. It’s tempting to think that your treatment has ended, but teeth naturally move as we age, so to ensure straight teeth for life they must be retained.

4.       Whiten them

So, your teeth are straight and you’re ready to show off your new teeth at the end of your treatment. Why not get them whitened? Whitening them just a few shades can be a great way of setting them off to their full effect.

5.       Make friends with your Dentist

Keep in touch with us! See your Dentist regularly to keep your teeth healthy and to spot any problems early. We want your new smile to last as much as you do.

So there’s no excuse! Whether you’ve finished treatment, or still have a brace at the moment, we hope these top tips help maintain confidence in your new straighter smile.

If you are reading this and considering straightening your teeth, Jackie will be very happy to discuss the different options available to you. And whilst we keep a close eye on all our patients; if you had your teeth straightened a while a go elsewhere and are no longer happy with the results please contact Dental at MediaCityUK who will be happy to discuss your smile.