Always hated the colour of your teeth? Do you try not to show your teeth when you smile? Well, you’re not alone with more than 100,000 people in Britain trying tooth whitening treatments last year.  

If it’s something you’ve been considering then we’ve put together our top 10 reasons our patients whiten their teeth.

1.     A smile to be proud of. Whitening can boost your confidence and self-esteem. Americans have long believed that a brighter and whiter smile leaves you feeling younger and happier.

2.     Cleaning Up. To remove stains on teeth caused from fizzy drinks, coffee, smoking, wine and other foods.

3.     A special event. Want to look your best for a wedding or all those Christmas parties coming up?  There is still time to have a white Christmas…

4.     To help you stop smoking. If you are trying to give up smoking and finding it stressful and hard going, having your teeth can help as you will have more incentive not to spoil your new white teeth with cigarette stains.

5.     Job Interview. A white smile will increase your confidence and will help and create an excellent first impression at a Job interview.

6.     Growing old gracefully. The natural ageing process can cause our teeth to yellow and start to make the teeth look old and unhealthy, therefore making us feel old and unhealthy. This is one ageing process you can reverse!

7.     It is non-surgical. No surgery is required to have white teeth.  Instead, there are several safe options that are relatively pain and risk free. Talk to us to find out which would suit you.

8.     Better Oral Hygiene. When we feel good about our teeth we are more likely to look after our smile by taking the time to brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly.

9.     Compliment facial aesthetics. A brighter smile is often associated with youth. Compliment any facial aesthetic treatment with teeth whitening. Often whitening alone can give the illusion of fresher skin too.

10.    Cost. It is relatively inexpensive compared to other cosmetic procedures. Talk to your dentist about your whitening options and costs.

Whitening treatments should always be carried out by a registered dentist to get the best results and to be safe. Contact us for a FREE consultation to discuss the best whitening option for you.