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Here at Dental we are happy to provide you with a years guarantee on of our work related to Dental Implants. The implant components (implant and abutment) are provided with a life time guarantee from the manufacturer.

Please note that out implants are guaranteed under the condition that they are cared for by yourselves according to the instructions we have provided you once the implant has been placed.


  • CLEANING – once an implant is placed it is very important it is cleaned as regular as your teeth. Failure to do this can lead to implant disease (implantitis). This is where the gum around the implant is not kept clean enough- you will find the gum will bleed around the implant – if this is ignored this can the lead to bone loss around the implant and cause the implant to fail. If any bleeding is spotted you must come in to see your dentist.
  • SMOKING – it is advised you stop smoking – Research has shown smoking dramatically reduces the long-term survival for implants. Smoking will void any long term warranty on your implant
  • BITE CHANGES – if you have any teeth taken out it is very important you tell your dentist as it may put too much force on your implant crown. Additional work may need to be carried out to protect your implant crown.


  • SURVIVAL – Implants are designed to last a long time as long as all of the above has been followed. Failure to do this can dramatically reduce the long term survival of your implant. The crown which sits on top of your implant has a normal life expectancy of a crown (approx 10 years) and may need replacing in the future.
  • DE CEMENTATION – from time to time your implant crown may become loose and come off. This is because the cement used is designed to weaken if too much force is put on it. If this happens repeatedly it is advisable you see your dentist to have your bite checked. If within the 1st year your crown comes off it will be re cemented for free.
  • YOUR IMPLANT – Your implant is made up of 3 parts.
    • the implant – this is in your jaw bone
    • the implant connection- this is a component which is screwed into the implant to allow it to stick out above the gum
    • implant crown. This is the artificial tooth which is cemented onto the implant connection.