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Composite Bonding

A quick and painless way to update the appearance of your teeth


Composite Bonding in Manchester

What is composite bonding in Manchester?

Composite bonding is a cosmetic dental treatment which can quickly and easily change the appearance of your teeth for the better.

Also known as dental bonding or teeth bonding, composite bonding treatments involve using a special dental putty to correct minor dental flaws.

We’ve treated hundreds of dental patients from Trafford, Salford Quays, Salford and throughout Manchester for composite bonding. Dental bonding can help to:

  • Disguise chipped or cracked teeth
  • Fill in gaps between teeth
  • Make small teeth appear longer
  • Neaten up worn teeth
  • Change the shape of pointy teeth
  • Disguise the appearance of stained teeth

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Composite Bonding Manchester
Teeth Bonding Manchester

How does teeth bonding work at YOR Dental in Salford Quays?

At your free consultation we will assess your teeth and find out what you’d like to change about your teeth. We’ll discuss the benefits of composite bonding and make sure that it’s the right treatment for you.

At your next appointment in Salford Quays, we’ll start by choosing a shade of dental bonding that closely matches the colour of your own teeth.

Next, our experienced team will gently prepare your tooth by etching at the surface. This does not hurt or damage the tooth. A special conditioning liquid is then applied to your tooth which helps the composite bonding stick fast.

The composite bonding is then sculpted and shaped to your tooth until we are all happy with how it looks.

In the next step, a UV light is placed over your teeth which hardens the dental bonding firm in place.

We’ll finish off by giving your teeth a polish and making sure that the composite bonding material is smooth against your tooth.

You can then leave the dental practice in Salford Quays with a lovely new smile!

Why Choose
Yor Dental for
Composite Bonding

There are many reasons why patients from Salford, Trafford, Salford Quays and throughout Manchester choose YOR Dental for dental bonding. We offer:

Fantastic customer care and a holistic service with an experienced and friendly team in a relaxed dental practice – we are passionate about getting the right results for you


A free consultation either online or in our dental practice at Salford Quaysso that you can find out more before committing to your chosen treatment


Flexible opening hours with some early morning and late evening appointments


0% finance to help make treatment affordable


0% finance to help make treatment affordable


A commitment to investing in the latest technology to give you the ultimate results with your treatment

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What are the benefits of Composite Bonding?

Patients from Salford Quays, Salford, Trafford and throughout Manchester are choosing to disguise dental flaws with composite bonding because:

  • Dental bonding is a fast way to update your teeth with instant results
  • The process for teeth bonding is painless with no need for injections, drills or anaesthetic
  • Composite bonding can be used to disguise many issues including staining, worn and pointy teeth
  • Composite bonding is a relatively inexpensive way to give your teeth a makeover so that you can smile again with confidence
  • Dental bonding is a reversible treatment, so if you change your mind or decide you don’t want the bonding on your teeth anymore, it can be removed

Frequently Asked Questions about Composite Bonding

How long does the process take for composite bonding?

On average, a dental bonding appointment should take about an hour to treat one tooth. If you need treatment for several teeth, you may need to book more than one appointment time. Our team can talk to you more about this at your free consultation.

How long does the dental bonding treatments last?

Composite bonding lasts for about 5 years after which time, you will need to get it replaced. You can help to prolong the life of your dental bonding by maintaining a good oral hygiene – brush twice a day and floss every day. Do not smoke and avoid chewing on things such as pen lids which can chip your teeth bonding.

Can I get my teeth whitened after having composite bonding?

It’s best to get your teeth whitened before having composite bonding because the whitening does not work on restorations like bonding. Once your teeth have been whitened, we can match the dental bonding to your new shade.