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Chipped, crooked or dis-coloured teeth? Whatever you dislike about your teeth, let us help you fix it with a smile makeover


Smile Makeover in Manchester

What is a smile makeover in Manchester?

Your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you. If you hate your teeth or are embarrassed by your smile, it can affect your confidence as well as how you interact with other people.

As a leading cosmetic dental clinic in Manchester, we understand how important it is to have lovely looking teeth so that you can smile with ease. Thousands of patients from Salford, Trafford, Salford Quays and throughout Manchester have chosen to update the look of their teeth with a smile makeover at YOR Dental.

A smile makeover is a bespoke treatment plan that is created especially for you using a combination of different cosmetic dental treatments.


What treatments are involved with a smile makeover in Manchester?

At YOR Dental at Media City UK, we will listen to your concerns about your teeth. A smile makeover involves using a combination of the following treatments:

Teeth whitening: If you have stained or dis-coloured teeth, we will whiten teeth safely at the surgery in Salford Quays to bring back the sparkle to your smile!

Composite bonding: Teeth that are stained, chipped, jagged, or slightly out of line, can be treated with composite bonding to give an even finish. Using small pieces of composite material which are applied to your teeth, we can build your smile based on the style you choose.

Composite veneers: If you’re looking to change the shape of your teeth or disguise teeth that are slightly misaligned, then composite veneers could be the answer. Made from a high-grade white filling material, we create thin veneers which sit over the top of your teeth just like a fingernail.

Dental implants: Dental implants permanently replace a single missing tooth or many missing teeth. Using a small titanium post which acts as a new tooth root, you can permanently replace dentures or gaps in your teeth with natural looking new teeth.

Invisible braces: Crooked teeth can cause embarrassment and become stained as they’re hard to keep clean. We will straighten teeth invisibly with no uncomfortable metal brackets or wires.

Why Choose
Yor Dental for
Smile Makeover

There are many reasons why patients from Salford Quays, Trafford, Salford and throughout Manchester choose YOR Dental for porcelain veneers. We offer:

Fantastic customer care and a holistic service with an experienced and friendly team in a relaxed dental practice – we are passionate about getting the right results for you

A free consultation either online or in our dental practice at Salford Quaysso that you can find out more before committing to your chosen treatment

Flexible opening hours with some early morning and late evening appointments


0% finance to help make treatment affordable


A commitment to investing in the latest technology to give you the ultimate results with your treatment

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What are the benefits of Smile Makeover?

  • A smile makeover will be tailored to update your teeth according to your needs
  • There’s no need to be embarrassed by your smile. A smile makeover will change the appearance of your teeth and give you the smile you’re longing for
  • Smile makeover treatments are painless. We use local anaesthetic for the more detailed treatment such as dental implants
  • Most of the smile makeover treatments are fast and show results quickly. Only the dental implants and braces option take longer
  • With monthly payment plans and 0% finance available, a smile makeover is more affordable than you think!

Frequently Asked Questions about Smile Makeover

How long does a smile makeover take?

This really does depend on how many treatments you are having and the type of work that is being done. We try to space out the different treatments to allow your mouth to heal and to get the best results. Book a free consultation and we can discuss your bespoke treatment plan which will give you a more accurate time frame for your smile makeover.

I’m feeling nervous how can you help?

We understand that a smile makeover may make you feel nervous. We will always do our best to put you at your ease and to listen to you. We will always go at your pace. The best place to start is to come in for a free consultation so that we can tell you more about what exactly is involved for your smile makeover.

Am I suitable for a smile makeover?

Almost any adult patient is suitablefor a smile makeover. If you have underlying oral health problems such as gum disease, we would need to treat this before starting with a smile makeover. We need to carry out more checks on patients who are looking for dental implants because certain illnesses and medication are not compatible. Book a free consultation to find out more.