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Vitamin IV Drips in Manchester

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IV Vitamin Drips in Manchester

What are vitamin drips in Salford Quays?

Vitamin drips are a fantastic way to supplement your health and well-being. If you’re feeling tired, run down or looking to target a specific problem like boosting your vitamin B 12 levels, combatting the signs of ageing or hydrating dry skin, a vitamin drip is a quick, painless and effective solution.

Vitamins and nutrients are delivered intravenously via a drip into your blood stream, bypassing your gut. This means more of the goodness is absorbed into your body at a faster rate to give it a powerful boost.

A vitamin drip is a bag of fluid combined with nutrients and vitamins. It is attached to your arm and delivers the liquid intravenously via your veins. The vitamin drip is administered by an experienced clinician and the IV bag is hung higher than your arm to allow the fluid to be dripped at a controlled rate.

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What can vitamin IV drips treat in Salford Quays?

At YOR Dental in Salford Quays, we offer a variety of vitamin drips to help with different issues. If you’re not sure what best suits you, please book a consultation or call us at the clinic to discuss our IV vitamin drips in more detail.

Here are some of the more popular vitamin IV infusions:

Why Choose
Yor Dental for
IV Vitamin Drips

There are many reasons why patients from Salford, Trafford, Salford Quays and throughout Manchester choose YOR Dental for IV vitamin drips. We offer:

Fantastic customer care and a holistic service with an experienced and friendly team in a relaxed practice – we are passionate about getting the right results for you
A free consultation at our practice in Salford Quays so that you can find out more before committing to your chosen treatment
Flexible opening hours with some early morning and late evening appointments
Flexible opening hours with some early morning and late evening appointments

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Frequently Asked Questions aboutIV Vitamin Drips

How long does it take to complete a vitamin IV drip treatment?

Most vitamin IV drips take between 45 and 60 minutes to administer.

When will I notice results and how long do the effects of the vitamin drips last for?

This depends on the vitamin drip that you choose. Hydration vitamin drips take between an hour and four hours to notice effects. An energy boosting vitamin drip may take a few days.

The effects of IV vitamins last on average between 2 and 4 days but can remain in your system for up to 3 weeks. Your clinician can give you more specific recommendations, but on average, you should get vitamin IV drips every other week.

What ingredients are in a vitamin IV drip?

The contents of the vitamin IV drip will vary according to which treatment you are having, and this will be discussed in detail at your consultation. Most vitamin drips contain the following ingredients – saline – a solution of water and salt to hydrate the body. Glucose – a solution of water and sugar to provide energy. Nutrients which will vary but likely contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Book a free consultation at Salford Quays to find out more about vitamin IV drips and the right type for you.