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Implant Retained Overdentures

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Implant Retained Overdentures in Manchester


A denture is a bespoke appliance made for your mouth replace anything from 1 tooth to a whole arch. Dentures are often a last result for many patients and are often not very well tolerated as they move, rarely fit well due to jaw and bone changes over a period of time. They are made out of acrylic can be removed and a generally inexpensive.

Due to the negative points associated with dentures patients are always looking for an option to stabilise the denture allowing it to feel a lot more comfortable.


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Implant Retained Overdentures

An overdenture is the solution to this. This is where a denture is supported by underlying dental implants. If an over denture is to be considered in the upper arch a minimum of 4 dental implants are required and a minimum of 2 in the lower arch. The bespoke overdenture is made of an acrylic material with custom teeth and a metal reinforcement. The main difference between a implant retained bridge/denture and an overdenture is that the over denture is removed for cleaning where as the implant retained bridge/denture is fixed in the mouth.

In any case the overdenture allows you to have a more stable denture thus allowing you to enjoy food, reduce problems with speech and eliminate any pain associated with a conventional denture.

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